I'm Andrew
Developer, Teacher, Learner

A Little About Me...

My name is Andrew Zurn. I'm a developer, I like to share what those have shared with me, and am always looking to learn more. I am currently working at Dexcom as a Senior Software Engineer on the Data Platform team. I graduated from Saint John's University (CSB|SJU) in 2014 with a degree in Computer Science. I like to stay current on new technology, solve intriguing problems, enjoy helping others, like to occasionally blog, and occasionally am sharing something interesting on Twitter.

I try to do things that make an impact. I give back by contributing open source when I can. I'm always looking to learn new things; learning is a passion, and something everyone should experience everyday.

Some of My Work...

Currently I spend a large part of my day helping develop developer.dexcom.com. Outside of my job, I have a handful of projects going on, mainly in the mobile, web or working on open source.

I'm mainly a Java developer through my schooling, but have lately been using Scala (I also do some frontend and mobile development). I'm always playing around with new technology, and have a list of the languages and frameworks that I am familiar with here.

I'm always looking for a variety of new and fun things to work on, so if you would like to collaborate on a project, or would like to discuss a mobile app or website, feel free to to reach out.

Saint Paul Athletic Club

The Bubble Bounce - Game